The only 29% of the world is covered by land; the remaining part of the world is covered by saline water. Almost all of the life on lands is depending upan the thin soil layer over lands. In fact with the fruitfull soils are not, there should not be any civilization.

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Today, in our Country we are up-close to the growing environmental pollution that came the most attending subject for our scientists, investors and publics lives and will attend in the future also. We are all living this negative environmental condition; in water we drink, in air we breathe, on the flower we smell (or we couldn't). The vitality of our seas exhausting rapidly and the pathological effects of the air we breathe growing faster by the way becoming more effective.

The negative condition of the environment is destroying the natural and economical values of the world and our country and we are striving to form a clean livable environment. There is only one thought on the basis of our efforts, also we believe that every people who wants to live in a clean world would shared the thought, that is “ The world is not any heritage from our ancestors, it is a trust for our children to be handed over”.

If we, both industrialists, investors, constructors and law makers, behave in suitable manner with the thought, we can only hand over a livable environment to our children that would talked about us with pride.


ARTIMA A.S. has started to operate on projects and applications of wastewater treatment plants in Istanbul, 1989.

Our company that is operated as practicing the environment technology since that year, has started to manufacture the all equipments being used in the treatment of water and wastewater to supply the market needs in 1992.

Our company that has realized the construction of more than 300 industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants has a respected place in the sector by its experienced and qualified technical staff.

Our company having operated with representatives in all around Turkey is aiming to increase its foreign activities by beginning to operate with its representative in Cairo.
Artima Treatment Systems
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